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Family Library: Purchases on Google Play for free between 6 shared account

Google announced the launch of the Family Library on Google Play Store, an initiative that lets you share all purchases with up to six family members.

Two years ago Apple launched the Family Sharing feature for apps and content to iTunes, and now Google has announced a similar program for its Google Play. It’s called the Family Library on Google Play Store, it is free and allows you to unify up to a maximum of six accounts to share movies, TV shows, books and applications with multiple devices belonging to different users. All associated accounts can finally pay with a major credit card account.

The function will soon be released progressively on all the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom account. Google has also added a number of options to better manage the family-sharing plan. Users of a group can choose to pay with their own financial credentials, so you do individually purchases (eg for personal in-app purchases).

Google Family LibrarySimilarly, users can decide whether or not to share some content. The main difference between Apple’s plan and that Google is decidedly in favor of the latter: the contents that are bought with the Family Library work on a much more substantial number of devices. In addition to Android and Chrome OS purchases on Google Play can be used on the web and on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Almost anywhere, almost.

Google’s strategy is focused on this aspect: even if it comes a bit late to offer the feature the company wants to focus on the fact that this content on their own store can be shared more easily, and to more destinations.

It is hard to think that this can change your download habits of the users, probably totally loyal to specific services, you know that Google has started to offer a valid and versatile sharing plan is certainly good news for those using Android or PC.

To start using the Family Library on Google Play must register at this address, and invite family members.