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Microsoft Pix for iOS: The app chamber, which improves the iPhone photos

Microsoft Pix is the new app of the Redmond that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to improve images captured with the iPhone and iPad. Available for free in the App Store.

Microsoft Research has Microsoft Pix, a new app dedicated to handling the camera of the iPhone and iPad, can according to developers, to enhance photos captured with the iDevice, using sophisticated algorithms of artificial intelligence. This is not a simple mobile app that allows you to apply more or less eye-catching image filters, as an app that can replace the native iPhone camera app.

In the present, Microsoft calls it even smarter. The app clarifies the Redmond, analyzes the scene and automatically adjusts the settings between shots and the other, giving prominence to the first person in the frame. Interesting, also, the shutter operation in sequence: Microsoft Pix automatically saves the best picture and uses the other photos in the sequence to improve it.

Same shot with Apple Camera (left) and Microsoft Pix (right). Microsoft source.
Same shot with Apple Camera (left) and Microsoft Pix (right). Source from Microsoft.

Not lack of support to the ” Living Images mode ” – although not entirely similar to that of Apple’s native app camera. When the app detects an interesting movement within the frame, it transforms the sequence of photos in a short film. To specify that the camera captures automatically a sequence of photos before and after the shutter release button to make all the improvements described.

After capturing, you can quickly compare the original shot and the improved version using the algorithms developed by Microsoft Research. More worth mentioning features highlighted by the developers include:

  • Hyperlapse : videos captured with Microsoft Pix are automatically stabilized.
  • Automatic synchronization with your iOS Camera Roll photos.
  • Integrated editor of the photos (crop, effect).
  • Sharing via the app installed on your smartphone.

Essentially, an app that can be considered a good alternative to native developed by Apple. The margins of improvement are still present – for example, the video recording is not supported at a higher resolution of 1080 at 30FPS with terminals such as iPhone 6S, that support the capture in 4K.

To assess the actual ability of Microsoft Pix to improve app performance native room of iOS, it just has to download it and begin to make the first comparisons. Microsoft Pix is available for free download in the App Store.