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The future of battery: Charging in a few seconds to a range of one week

The technological development of batteries in the next few years will have products that will recharge in seconds while allowing autonomy unthinkable today. The development of the first prototypes are already advanced through the Institute UCF.

Today’s technology in the world of portable devices now have achieved a very high level that even a few years ago seemed impossible even to think. Certainly, a negative aspect that unites all of these products is now no doubt their little autonomy. Be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop or any other ” gadgets ” technology belonging to the world of the Internet of Things, without power will never work and especially with the battery to be now only work for a few hours. It clear, that the next step that the technology has to do is to remedy with a solution to this.

Just by the laboratories of NanoScience Technology Center of the University of Central Florida comes a solution to this problem. Yes scholars have created a potentially innovative concept that should allow you to have a battery that can be recharged in a matter of seconds but capable of offering a range of up to an entire week. Technically, it is simply a supercapacitor that will not alter their efficiency even after 30,000 cycles of charge, with a longevity of twenty times greater than current lithium-ion batteries.

At the time, the new ” super ” batteries are actually an experimental project and certainly still need some time to a technology of this type may find an outlet that you can use on a daily basis, but it is undoubtedly an important step forward compared to the current conditions.

Following the project, we realize that the futuristic called supercapacitor batteries store the energy statically on the surface of a material such as graphene, instead of exploiting the chemical reactions as happens today with ordinary batteries. All this clearly allows to reduce both the size dimensions or otherwise, occupying the same space, incredibly increase the battery capacity.