Google Chrome is used by more than 1 billion mobile users

Google, on the occasion of the release of version 50 of the browser, refresh the usage statistics of Chrome providing important feedback on the basis of the mobile users.

Google Chrome has just crossed the finish line of the 50 version, and to celebrate the important result, the home of Mountain View has updated the statistical distribution of the popular solution for web browsing with an official statement.

The first point made by the company covers the important results achieved in the mobile sector, supporting a trend that is becoming more and more evident in the field, ie the growing number of users who are using mobile devices as a substitute for traditional PCs to determine web browsing activities.

A number sums up sufficiently eloquent milestones cut by Google: amounted to 1 billion people using each month the Chrome browser on the mobile platform. A goal achieved thanks to the spread of the Android operating system that supports Chrome natively. The statistics of Google Chrome extend including other data to satisfy the curiosity of lovers of numbers.

The number of pages loaded in Chrome each month amounted to 771 billion, while that of the characters typed into the browser exceeds 500 billion, simplified business by self-completion of text functions. The monthly traffic, Google adds, is 2 million gibabytes; one mole of significant data, but less than that which would be produced without using the function to optimize the consumption of data supported by Chrome.

The Chrome diffusion statistics, as you can see, are a good way for Google to remind some useful features of the browser, for example, the pages translated using the Google automatic translation service is equal to 3.6 billion, while the function auto-complete web forms and password auto-arming enabled automatically compiles every month 9.1 billion of form and password.

There’s also a reference to safety aspects: every month users are protected 145 million times by malicious web pages, using the integrated warning system in Chrome signaling potentially harmful sites.

To stay on the subject of security, statistics close with the data relating to the remuneration provided by the community of researchers committed to identifying bugs and flaws in the Chrome browser security: more than $ 2,500,000. All Statistics just reported are summarized in clear official infographic published by Google and available here.