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iPhone 8 OLED, same size as the standard model but Battery Plus

The new premium model of the Apple smartphone will have dimensions comparable to those of the standard model, but with similar battery integrated in the Plus.

A new report by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI, indicates that the new iPhone model with OLED display will have a similar body in size to that of the current 4.7-inch version, but a much larger battery, such as specific techniques that the Plus model. Even the display is likely to be much larger, perhaps by 5.5 inches, and new rumors could be yet another confirmation of a possible ” bezel-less ” design for the new iPhone 8 OLED.

The lack (partial?) Frames could allow Cupertino engineers to place a larger display in a size similar to those of the standard model, but the energy requirements of a panel with more generous diagonal are obviously greater. This is why Apple likely chose a battery comparable to the 2,900 mAh of iPhone 7 Plus, whereas the standard model 4.7-inch present it mounts a 1,960 mAh battery.

We’ll see how Cupertino technical undertaking able to insert a battery with a capacity of about 50% higher than in a similar shell in size, so as not to weigh the user the choice of such an extreme design. They are indeed many voices that speak of a display that dominates the front surface of the device, with the characteristic that seems to be shared with another hand-generation range top, and there are those who talk about the display that wraps around the sides.

According to Kuo the ” magic ” behind the increase in capacity is due to the use of a motherboard PCB ” thick “ and it occupies a smaller area. This would leave more space to the battery as shown in the image that we propose on the page. Even the new models with traditional LCD display will use the same production technology for the PCB (SLP), but without actively exploit the layered structure and thus integrating smaller batteries.

To reduce the size of the Apple PCB would accept a considerable increase in the cost of related components amounting to approximately 80% compared to the production costs incurred with traditional techniques. This ties in with other items that appeared in recent weeks, so the new iPhone 8 with OLED display will be priced revised upward and higher than any other to the iPhone on the market today. The Cupertino smartphone are all expected in the fall.