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Microsoft announces Skype Lite: The new app for Android lightweight and functional

The Redmond company has officially released a new application to manage its messaging platform. Skype Lite will be used on Android smartphones in a simple, fast and light. That’s how.

Microsoft has released new Skype Lite for Android. The new application developed in parallel to the official already present for some time to allow mobile users to manage messaging platform faster and easier, but most do not weigh down the smartphone on which it will be installed. His only 13mb of memory occupied the installation do understand how this application was the result of a major project to Microsoft, especially for use in the poorest countries.

With Skype Lite, you can communicate with your contacts via Android smartphone with chat or messages. Yes, because the new application, in addition to supporting more than eight languages, is designed to read and reply to SMS messages in addition to the classic chat. It also has a screen to keep an eye on the consumption of data and also support a specific set of APIs to the Indian authorities.

Graphics in line with other application Skype albeit with simplifications in terms of the interface which still owns the material design and standard features except the animated emoji. It will be possible for the user also set a darker theme (dark) instead of the default standard in smartphones with AMOLED display allowing you to save even from an energy point of view.

To install the application you can download the APK and install it manually because it seems that the time is directly available on the Play Store only for India.