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Microsoft Edge is the most secure browser, Beats Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft’s web browser was more sure of his rivals on the field. The study comes from NSS Labs who tested the various web browsing tools against phishing and malware. Here are the results published.

Microsoft Edge is more secure Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. And this is the conclusion prompted by new NSS Labs report that during the months of September and October has put under observation the existing web browser on the market.

Let’s talk about Google Chrome has always been the most used by users, but we also talk about Mozilla Firefox. You will receive shortly a complete renovation of the web engine, and Microsoft Edge, the latest but ready to take on its share of market sharing, especially after the results obtained in terms of safety.

According to the report, Microsoft Edge has achieved a 91.4% success rate against phishing attacks and as much as 99% against malware. impressive results ” outclass ” those achieved by eternal rivals. Yes, because as Google gets a success rate for phishing equal to 82.4%, and for the malware amounted to 85.8%. It gets worse in Firefox that does not go over all the phishing 81.4% while malware attacks against the success rate is even lower at 78.3%.

Results to hand with Microsoft Edge has realized an incredible job in its development leading to a level of safety never seen your web browser, but most managed to place him at the center of his new project called Windows 10. Too bad for the reception not really exhilarating Edge that still does not emerge significantly towards other competitors or at least cannot grow with the adoption of Windows 10.

Microsoft still much we believe, and its engineers continue the important work of improving the entire web browser. We know how the latest updates have allowed users to use extensions, which were missing in the first few months, and have a highly integrated browser in Windows 10 and hence inexpensive in terms of battery than the competition.