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OnePlus 5 reloads faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Here is the video challenge

Oneplus presented its new top range a few days ago. The smartphone has been particularly interested in its technical specifications and above all for the fast charging that seems to be able to beat anyone even the Galaxy S8. Here’s the test.

The new OnePlus 5 has been introduced a few days ago and has prompted a lot of interest from users both for its top-of-the-range from technical specifications, and for the leap forward that the Chinese company seems to have made in assisting and above all in Sales to users who do not have to cross over between invitations and competitions anymore.

In this case, the new OnePlus 5 has all the cards in place to compete with the most prestigious top of the competition range, and it also seems possible that the same smartphone can beat the most sought after of the moment: the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new OnePlus 5 was introduced to users with the fastest recharge of all smartphones. The famous ” Dash Charge ” that in a few minutes succeeds in promising a residual charge on the smartphone for a whole day. A road test clearly has been to compare OnePlus with the phone that in the last, peridium had the fastest recharging, and that is exactly the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In this case, the comparison is between two different charging systems, even though both smartphones have the same processors. OnePlus has developed its Dash Charge with a fast charging system that boosts the current during charging unlike Qualcomm, which is present in the Galaxy S8, which increases the voltage.

Two different ways to charge the smartphone and indeed two are the results where OnePlus 5 is able to reach charging speeds higher than the Galaxy S8 even while the smartphone is used, which can often happen in everyday life.

In the videos, we can easily see how the new top of the Chinese company succeeds in just 30 minutes to recharge up to 43% against a miserable 12% made by the Samsung Galaxy S8. A quantity of charge that makes it usable for a whole day.

The notable difference is in this case with the active display where Samsung’s top range does not support the OnePlus 5 competitions and is struggling to speed up charging probably due to the high demand for power from the display. Screen shuts off the situation even if OnePlus 5 continues to peak with a 58% charge in 30 minutes against 39% of the Galaxy S8.

A win at the moment is overwhelming for the OnePlus, but he sees the need to use the cable, and the power supply supplied with the box to be able to enjoy the Dash Charge. Different speech for Samsung Galaxy S8 that can be powered by other accessories clearly conceived for quick recharging.

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