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Unicode 10.0.0: Upcoming 56 new emoji between pretzel, vampires and exploding heads

56 new emoji have been approved that will come with the new Unicode 10.0. New features that many users will appreciate as the brain or even the genius of the lamp. The code of the smiley is now a world in its own right, and many can no longer do it in messages.

Let’s go back to talk of emoji, or the famous cheaters that many people use in their messages. Let’s go talk about it because Unicode Consortium has released the new version 10.0.0 and with it 56 new emoji that can be used together with the already present enriching the already well-equipped catalog.

Of course, the fact that they are approved means that they can be included in all operating systems, whether they be Apple, Android or any other company that decides to use them.

In this case, the code is enriched with new ” gossip “, well 56 for precision, among which some fun or useful as those with the symbol of Bitcoin or perhaps that with its head that explodes to mean headache or mental confusion.

Not only because there is also a new face that vomits that according to the authors wants to mean disagreement and disgust and not so much disease in progress. Then there are novelties with the pretzel emoji, the typical German bread or even the vampire, the broccoli, the sandwich. The other can be viewed for emoji lovers directly in the Emojipedia portal which also specifies the meaning of each new face.

We usually know that from approval to release new emoji will pass a little while. We are talking about many months, but it is clear that in the meantime all users will still be able to use the emotions that have been added to Unicode 9 and that somehow they may already be enough.