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Record the iPhone and iPad screens with AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder

iPhone Screen Recorder is a well-made that lets you record video in any screen from an iPhone or an iPad, even if they come from third-party apps. And with our link, you can buy it at a lower price.

iOS has long provided the ability to make screenshots of the operating system screens and running applications, but has never supported the ability to record video in what was done with the device. It is a feature that can be useful for many different reasons, for instance, for educational purposes or to show the manner in which to perform certain procedures with the device, and which cannot be implemented even with App Store specific applications because of limits imposed by Apple on its digital store. Thanks to British developers AceThinker you can record video in any activity carried out with the iPhone or iPad. As? The answer lies in Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder.

AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is a software available on PC and Mac that let you record all activities performed on your iOS device in a simple and efficient. With a few clicks, we can connect an iPhone or iPad to your computer (by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network) and enable logging through the appropriate button on the interface. After completion of the transactions on the mobile device simply stop recording and the video file will be ready for use and sharing, suitably compressed not to occupy a large storage amount. Following our tests, we can confirm that AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder performs adequately as promised.

Once you install and run the software you will be greeted by a welcome screen that shows us what to do to start recording. To connect the two devices can leverage the integrated AirPlay function natively on iOS activating it via the Control Center. To access the Control Center on iPhone or iPad simply slide your finger from the bottom of the screen upwards. From the new screen, then just select the item and then AceThinker duplication, and in this way, the screen of your mobile device will appear on your PC or Mac, updated in real time, frame by frame.

The operations on the mobile device are now over, and we must move to the computer, where AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is already running. Here we have the ability to perform various tasks, such as taking a snapshot of the connected device screen to view the full-size screen, or not least access to the settings. While maintaining a certain level of the user you do not have a great possibility of customization control (for example on the video bit rate in recording), a factor which involves considerable advantages as regards the immediacy and ease of use.

With the default settings, the application offers highly compressed video to save on storage space used by files created but just raise the Video Quality to ” High ” value while maintaining the MP4 format for a more than the satisfactory result. The app can also record audio course, both the system sounds from the device is a microphone connected to your PC or Mac, and can combine the two audio streams so that you can comment on what happens to your device without sacrificing the sound coming by the same. Even the sound quality we felt it was good (you can see a sample video below).

In short, AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is one of the best solutions to record the screens of any iPhone or iPad that have installed iOS 7 or later. It is offered for free for a limited trial period, but you can buy at the discounted price of $29.95 with links that we propose below respectively for the Windows and Mac versions.