Samsung working on a 11K display by 5.75 inches and 2250 PPI

The resolution is likely to 11,264 x 6,336 pixels, and given the diagonal of 5.75″ bring the pixel density to a value of astronomical 2550 PPI.

Samsung is working with the government of South Korea to make a display by the pixel density of 2,250 PPI with a diagonal typical smartphone. The project is the result of an investment of $ 26.5 million that will be accomplished over the next 5 years and a partnership among 13 different companies, both nationals and foreign. The development of technology, which is called EnDK was launched on 1 June.

Considering an aspect-ratio of 16: 9, PhoneArena has calculated what might be the numbers of the new display. This could have a resolution of 11,264 x 6,336 pixels and a diagonal of 5.75 inches. Instead, the official specification of the pixel density 2250 PPI, four times higher than the best available models in circulation (more than 500). But what good is all this excess of pixels? And what do you do home users?

According to the sources, the objective of Samsung is to implement a three-dimensional effect natively, without the need to combine then glasses or external accessories to the device. We add, also, that the support of a resolution so extreme could actually make a substantial contribution to the field of virtual reality, limited primarily by the pixel density of the current panel, slightly sufficient to provide an immersion optimal three-dimensional environment.

The first public prototype of the technology will be presented at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games of 2018 to be held in Pyeongchang, just in South Korea. To date, it seems an unnecessary feature on your smartphone, but if Samsung were to actually be able to deliver a three-dimensional plausible and effect, the 11K (and 3D) could become a defining characteristic of the generation of smartphones of 2019.