Twitter Revolution: Tweet from 280 Active characters for everyone

After a long period of testing, the company finally launches the new limits for the characters on the service: it goes from 140 to 280.

After testing for a few months, and only on some accounts, the new limits for the characters of the individual tweets, Twitter has started in the past few hours the roll-out of the posts with 280 characters on the service. So the microblogging platform has distorted one of its main rules since it was born? According to the company, the answer is negative, since the novelty does not impose a greater length to its users, and there will be few tweets that will exploit the new limits.

Based on the statistics collected during the trial period, in fact, the percentage of tweets containing a number of characters greater than 140 was only 5%. Aliza Rosen of Twitter commented: ” We saw that those who needed more than 140 characters could do it more easily and more often, but it is important to note that users have posted posts below 140 characters for most of the time, and Twitter’s brevity remained unchanged.

Although the company wants to maintain the essentiality typical of its service and its nature in real-time, with the news is less one of the iconic features of the microblogging platform: ” Having more space allows you to enter your thoughts more easily in a tweet “, reads the post officially published by the company. ” So users can say what they want and do it faster than before. ”

Despite the doubling of the limits, Twitter intends to specify that in terms of functionality, there will not be many differences compared to before: ” The reading experience of your timeline will not change substantially “, assures the company. ” You will continue to see the same number of tweets on the page “. Returning to the numbers, you notice how the function has been accepted by a reduced number of users in the few months of testing.

If only 5% of tweets exceeded 140 characters, 1% reached 280 characters and 2% exceeded 190 characters. The feedback from the users have been positive, and for this ” test ” the news has passed to the roll-out phase for all users. The new limits will be granted for posts in all languages, with the exception of Japanese, Korean and Chinese.