How to format a Micro SD on Mac

In this article, we explain how to format a micro sd on Mac. It, in its entirety called Micro Secure Digital, is a memory card with particularly small dimensions. The micro sd is especially used to increase the capacity of portable devices such as mobile phones with multimedia functions.

For this reason, the best choice sometimes to restore it to the initial state may be to format it. For this purpose in the steps that follow, we want to illustrate the whole procedure to format a Micro SD using the free software SD Formatter and a Mac.

Usually have dimensions of 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm and are available with capacity varying from 2Mb to 128 Gb. Over time, as with all mass memories, performance can be drastically reduced, and particularly when data is too large internally, or there are bad sectors. Good reading and good work!

Download the program for free from the official website

SD Formatter is a program that allows you to restore, with a few mouse clicks, any type of SD card. First of all, you will have to download the program for free from the official website of the manufacturer. We indicate the address in this link.

It is essential to pay close attention to the type of file you need to select, so you will need to click on the button labeled ” SD Formatter 3.1 for Mac Download “. When you have downloaded the program, just move it by dragging it into the application folder going in this way to install it.

We explain the procedure for inserting it

Now you have to take the Micro SD card that you want to restore, then you have to insert it internally to the appropriate adapter that is supplied with the memory. If the latter was not present in the package, you can buy it at low cost in any electronics store.

Once you have inserted the card into the adapter, you will need to go to insert the card into the SD reader on the side of the Mac. At this point, wait for a few moments, making sure that the system can recognize the memory, so start the SD Formatter. You will see that in this way, a drop-down menu will appear, where it will be good to search and select the memory, you want to format.

We describe two choices to format the Micro SD

Now you will have two options at your disposal. The first choice you can make is called ” Quick Format “. The second choice instead is called ” Overwrite Format “. With the ” Quick Format ” option, you can quickly format the data, summarizing the files will be kept inside the card, but will be marked as rewritable by the system: doing so, the device when it will have the card internally, will recognize it as empty.

The second choice, consists of a slightly slower procedure during which the files contained inside the card will be deleted and, for this reason, a greater amount of time will be spent. The higher the capacity of the SD and the longer the time will be used. If you put these simple and easy steps into practice, you will be able to format your micro SD card quickly and safely and without problems.