Windows 10 is available for free on July 29

Start menu and user experience more robust: these are the points on which Microsoft beats revealing the release date of Windows 10. It points to the billion users in just a few years.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has listened to its users. The same people who over the years have often criticized the approach of Redmond but that, on balance have never ceased to use its software. Members who joined millions in Technical Preview intrigued by the new operating system and were ready to release their feedback in the hope of obtaining the required changes. A new approach of Microsoft, whose results will be consolidated on 29 July.

Windows 10 will be available commercially precisely on July 29, and to announce it is not this time a CEO of a third company, but Microsoft itself. It will be launched in 190 countries, with all the latest result of years of development work, and months of testing within the public beta labeled with the name ” Technical Preview “. This was attended by the users themselves, who have got to try the software and shape it according to your needs.

Windows 10 is a new generation of Windows developed to allow people to do great things, ” said Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Microsoft. ” With this update we wanted to start to deliver on our vision of personal computing, a vision defined by the protection and respect of personal information, experiences of mobility between multiple devices and natural interactions with all devices including Windows command voice, gestures, writing and holograms. ”

There are four points on which Microsoft strives to convince its members to the historical transition to the next version, clearly to prevent Windows 7 will become the new Windows XP, that is still used and abused in several years after its market introduction. Microsoft is hoping for a mass exodus to the new platform, enticing them passage thanks to a very aggressive distribution campaign: the first year of the update will be free indeed ” hundreds of millions of users ” who today use any iteration of Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Here are the 4 cornerstones of Windows 10, according to Microsoft:

  • Familiar interface and improved : Windows 10 restores the Start menu, already familiar to all users who were using older versions of the operating system, and badly abandoned with Windows 8. The new Menu Start mixture structure of the older version of Windows 8 modern GUI, and you can easily find files and favorite applications. The new release also includes Windows Hello, Passport and Windows Defender, integrates a new graphical interface with app in Modern windows and is both compatible with both devices with mouse and keyboard, with technologies that touch input.
  • Experience of use of personalized and easy : through new native functionality, Windows 10 wants to help the user to quickly perform the activities of everyday life. Cortana, for example, is the first digital assistant in this desktop environment, and is able to identify individual preferences with algorithms and deep learning of Microsoft’s Bing and offer suggestions tailored, reminders and quick access to key information both through input text, and voice. Hello, welcomes users greeting them by their name, and allows them access technology with biometric authentication.
  • Increased productivity with Microsoft Edge and the new suite of applications Universal Office. The first is a browser that replaces Internet Explorer (which will still yet for reasons of compatibility) and has already shown extremely performing. Reading and integrates advanced, with the native implementation of Cortana, allows you to search more quickly, using once again the group’s information that the virtual assistant knows about the user and suggesting content based on personal interests and preferences. In addition to the professional suite Office 2016 desktop, they are also available for the app universal Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Productivity and entertainment cross device : the functionality perhaps more interesting, in addition to the aesthetic revolution, is that given by Continuum. Microsoft’s technology allows the use of a mobile device as if it were a real PC, with an ad-hoc meant to be used by matching external mouse and keyboard. Windows 10 is a single operating system for all hardware platforms compatible, starting from embedded systems up to a workstation and passing game consoles.

As for availability, Microsoft has announced that all users will have Windows 10 by PC and tablet 29 July by downloading the free upgrade or purchasing the new Windows 10.