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Apple announces the new Final Cut Pro X is optimized for TouchBar

During the keynote presentation of the new MacBook Pro was not missing a window for the new Final Cut Pro X introduces new features that take the TouchBar as a control tool.

During the Special Event last night, Apple announced and showed the world the new MacBook Pro, updated hardware, in the overall size and layout of a major component such as the keyboard. One of the biggest news regarding the new Apple laptops is own keyboard and speak in particular of the infamous TouchBar that you heard about already for several weeks.

It is to all effects of a touchscreen display that runs along the chassis in the keyboard portion where the rapid function keys are usually positioned and which, as a display, may change its configuration depending on the user’s needs.

Taking advantage of this great news, Apple has thus also updated a number of its software that are now able to take advantage of the presence of this TouchBar. Among these updated, software could not miss a new version of Final Cut Pro X, the use of which becomes even simpler and intuitive thanks to the new element introduced with this generation of MacBook Pro.

If using the new standard TouchBar replaces the classic function keys, with Final Cut Pro X is the Magnetic Timeline transforms. A tool that allows users to understand at a glance what the timeline portion are working and thanks to the color coding of audio clips, identify more easily if it is a dialogue, music, or sound effects.

In Final Cut Pro X Touch Bar also allows users to quickly switch between an editing tool to another, adjust audio levels and tap into useful commands for cutting and playback. The Touch Bar also display an interactive panoramic, navigable via the selection of color codes, the entire timeline, so that users can move in the working area with the touch of a finger.

Final Cut Pro XThe interface was later revised to better fit the dimensions of the screen of the new MacBook Pro and generally provides a darker and anonymously theme to highlight the content. The workspace can be customized, and individual tools moved, even on different screens, to better organize the space according to the needs of each. Support to a wider spectrum of colors also allows users to import, edit and render video in the standard color space Rec. 601, Rec. 709, or in the broader Rec. 2020.

The new Final Cut Pro X is available starting immediately as a free upgrade for all users who already have it. Alternatively, it can be purchased on the Mac App Store at a price of $299.99.