How to burn CD or DVD on Mac (Leopard)

There are two ways to create CD or DVD in Mac OS X: the first is to create a ” burn folder ” or real folder within which you can collect all the data you want to save on devices, such as CDs and DVDs .

They are especially useful if you wish to burn several copies of a folder, or you wanted to regularly back up a set of documents to be burned onto a disc. The second, involves the use of a program already present on your laptop (Toast Titanium) or, if you prefer, one of the free programs downloaded from the Internet. Here’s how to burn CDs or DVDs on Mac (Leopard).

  • To create a burn folder, you must click on the desktop with the right mouse button and select ” New Burn Folder ” : Now drag all the files you want to burn into the folder (the location of the files will not be changed, but will only create shortcuts). At this point, insert the CD or DVD (depending on the size of the folder you want to save) and click, opening the folder you just created, to ” burn ” : this will open another window, where you can choose the name to give the disc and select the burn speed (remember that the slower the speed, the less the possibility that there is some error). Click ” Burn ” and the computer will begin to write your CD or DVD.
  • If desired create your own CD or DVD using a program a bit more ” professional “, you can download free from the Internet application ” Burn “. After you install the application, open it. In the top bar the type of file you wish to burn: Audio or video; just below it is possible to name the CD, and on the right you can select via the drop-down menu, the file type. At this point, drag the files you want to burn in the box to rows and click ” Burn “.
  • The horizontal bar will indicate the degree of filling of the CD or DVD that you are using if it reaches the red color, it has been maxed out and not allowed to enter more files inside. Finally, click the big red button: enter the number of copies of the CD or DVD you want to perform and click ok! Your CD will be mastered and all saved data.

Note !

  • And recommended use rewritable CD or DVD; using them you can delete their content and burn them again.
  • If you do not hurry, do not burn at too high a speed (the speed is faster, increase the chance of it being burned an error).
  • Once you burn, check the CD or DVD before deleting data from your computer, you never know.