How to install Mac OS X (Basic)

The Macintosh or Mac is the computer made by Apple and the operating system is simple and intuitive. Its latest version is OS X, compatible with the iMac, PowerMac or MacBook. It is considered one of the best products on the market, although it is quite expensive. This guide will describe how to install Mac OS X.

  • First, you access to the old operating system control panels installed. Obviously, it is better to copy to, a simple spreadsheet. This is a setup, which will serve in the new Mac OS X. Before installing itself, it is advisable to back up all your important files in order to avoid losing any data. Then insert the installation CD of the new operating system. Later restart the computer while holding down the ” C ” key from the keyboard. Drive off directly from the cd-room player and not from the hard disk as usual.
  • You will be prompted to initialize the hard disk section (Hard Disk) selected to delete all data. Choose the format ” Mac OS X Extended “. At this point, you start to install Mac OS X, by opting for the not personalized. The program will load automatically. The system will take a bit of time to work on their own most of the data relating to the installation. Finally, a new screen will appear, follow the instructions step by step where you can choose the language, nation, your keyboard and finally the administrator’s nickname.
  • The administrator’s name can be either upper or lower case. You will be prompted each time you make access to which will be combined with a password that you have to set. It works just like when you enter in your email from any web browser. Continuing with the installation completely, you will have to bring back the old data. These be related to the local network (Ethernet) and the configuration that will be used to access the Internet. When the Mac will be connected to the Internet for the first time, automatically it will control all updates are available on the net also updating the exact time and date. Ended the last step the process for installing Mac OS X. It is finished. Here’s how to install Mac OS X.