How to structure the Dock bar on Mac

OS X operating system is available a toolbar that is called Dock. Usually, it inserted directly from a bottom system, compared to the ” desk “, but the user can modify it, as needed, to structure their jobs better. You can move, edit, zoom bar and much more. Here is a simple guide how to structure the Dock bar on Mac.

  • Before you start, start your Mac computer and wait for the operating system to stabilize, displaying icons and the Dock menu bar on your desktop (please note that the ” desk ” of the Mac is comparable to the Windows PC desktop). The system should be placed by default the Dock bar at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, to make changes according to our needs, we go in the menu at the top and to the left, select with a mouse click, the small icon of the apple. This will open a drop-down menu.
  • Another is that of the Dock Preferences: selecting it will open a window where you can vary the size of the icons of the applications you can launch directly from the Dock menu, the contraction effects and much more. For effect of contraction means the animation that is generated when you click the yellow button at the top right to reduce an open window in a Dock icon. At the moment, there are only two of contraction effects: ” genius ” and ” scale “. The first is set by default and is the most elegant. The second one is more professional and squared. To close the window, after making the desired changes, simply make a mouse click on the red small button on the top left of the same.
  • Choose the ” Dock “: it will open a new menu that will allow you to quickly manage our bar. The first option is the one that allows you to activate/hide the toolbar. You can also choose to enable or disable the magnification of the icons included in the Dock, the only mouse over (intended function for the latest version of Mac OSX, and that is the OS X Maverick). You can still choose to place the Dock menu bar on the right, left or up, or bring it back down to the default position.
  • Finally, it should definitely remember the Dock of the goal: to be a fast tool to reach those computer programs that we use most often. It is good maintain a Dock quite clean and use it in synergy with the desk.