How to change the desktop background on a Mac

The Mac is one of the most functional, effective and efficient technological tools. The Mac is a real technological gem: a valuable ally for our daily lives. This simple and intuitive guide described some useful ways on how to change the background on your Mac. Change and edit a background according to our tastes, it reflects what is our world, and our aspirations. It often denotes our state of mind of the moment, (it not at all an interesting feature of the Mac OS X system is the timed rotation desktop background).

  • The first step is to turn on your Mac and wait to be able to see the desktop with its default background. All icons will be visible and stable, before you can proceed. Change the background of our desk is not a task that too commits the memory then, as soon as the computer is operational, we can proceed. Below we will see two ways to change your Mac computer background.
  • The first method is to bring us the ” System Preferences ” in the ” Staff ” and click on ” Desktop Screen Saver ” : from this section, you can change the background that you want more. (Before you are sure to find in the ” Desktop ” and not in the ” Screen Saver ” ). We can choose between the many and beautiful proposed by Apple or use our own photos or downloaded from the web. As mentioned earlier, it has a captivates possibility: there is the possibility to change the background setting. Just check on ” change image ” and select the desired time interval.
  • Another method, certainly faster and less attentive to detail is what facilitates us the change of the background without passing through the system preferences. Assuming you have downloaded an image from the Internet, simply click on the right side of the mouse, or click with two fingers in the event of multitouch trackpad) in the relevant file and choose from the drop-down menu select ” Set Picture. ” This method is preferred if you want to change the background of the fast Mac, without curing too the details of inclusion.