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How to change the monitor resolution on Mac

The screen resolution can be changed on any computer in circulation, regardless of it having a Mac operating system, Ubuntu or Windows. As for Mac, we must act with a different procedure from everyone else, but to find out what we are saying with this introduction, we must continue to read the few passages set forth below. Reading carefully, you will easily understand how to change the resolution of the monitor on Mac.

  • There are several things in common between the Windows and Mac operating systems, such as the display of folders with files and applications, the menu bar is located at the top left with the symbol of the bitten apple, from there you can access both Update software to System Preferences, and so on. His voice just now mentioned, or System Preferences, you can change your monitor resolution that will happen with the opening of a new mask, though the alternative is accessed via the Dock showing which are the most-used files and even the various app frequently, it will be used with just one click.
  • Once there, you will need to click on the Monitor Resolution option labeled and then click Resize, from what you will have access to a list where you have to choose, which is the resolution you prefer to have. Once you have chosen the one you want, there is first the change, this will lead to improvements of views of web pages, but at the same time on the Mac desktop, there will be an adjustment of various icons, especially if they have undergone a change that has led them to be smaller.
  • The resolution that is recommended for monitors that have a size above 15 inches is to 1,440 x 900, obviously, if the necessity of the person that the displays are other, will still be able to choose the one that want. So got to make the change, you will pass by to click your mouse leading to the closure. It is symbolized by the red circle located in the upper left of the window, it will lead to return to the Mac desktop. Before closing is the last piece of information to know, it covers how to know the resolution of your monitor. It will click System Preferences, and from there it will show what is currently in use, will be displayed by the color gray.