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How to change the keyboard language on Mac

Mac devices contain a long series of interesting features. One of these concerns the opportunity to change the language of your keyboard, adapting it perfectly to your personal needs. In the following guide, we show you how to change the keyboard language on a Mac.

We assure you that this is an extremely simple procedure, even for users who do not really define themselves as experts in the computer industry. With a few clicks of your mouse, or alternatively by pressing various combinations of hotkeys, you can complete that goal.

There is nothing left to do but read the next steps.

  • Enter your Mac and the right menu : Before changing the keyboard language on Mac, simply enter your Mac device. Then go to the item on the Apple menu and then click on the word ” System Preferences “. Then press on ” Keyboard “. Next, go to ” Input Sources “. Everything obviously depends on your initial settings.
  • Enter the languages ​​you want : You are already at a good point for your virtual mission. After clicking on ” Input Sources “, a drop-down menu will appear with all the available languages. Enter all the languages ​​you wish to enter below. Unlock the idioms that are right for you and choose all the input sources you need. Then click on the ” Show keyboard menu in the menu bar ” ( ” Show Input menu in menu bar ” ). On the bar itself, you will notice an icon very similar to the shape of a flag. Find out how to change the keyboard language on Mac.
  • Change the input language : Now you have to continue modifying the input language. Another extremely rapid passage. Select in a few seconds the language that is right for you, simply by clicking on it. If you want to change the language further, you can also use the shortcut buttons. Go to ” Command + Space ” and ” Command + Option + Space ” to go forward or backward in your selection.
  • Go to Input Sources : So you’ve discovered how to change the keyboard language on a Mac. And yet, something could go wrong. If you see the ” Spotlight ” search menu, go to ” Input Sources ” and then ” Language and Text “. Select ” Spotlight ” as the keyboard shortcut and remove all the active keys you do not need. Keep searching until you find the right language. In this way, your user experience in the company of Mac will be much more practical and fun!