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How to convert a Windows game on Mac

Windows and Mac operating systems have completely different and not compatible in many applications. Technical applications usually exist in two versions, but having the different file extensions.

The same program cannot be installed on both computers, but you must have the two different versions of the program if you want to use on both computers. The problems are widely encountered if you wanted to switch from Windows to a Mac and you want to play the games that you have on your PC. By following this guide you will be able to understand how to convert a game to take advantage of all your Mac’s graphics and computing power for a superb gaming experience.

  • To start should be installed the original game on a PC with Windows. When the installation is complete, it recommends the use of crack to run the game without CD (this is not to instigate pirated copies, only serves to make the program work on the Mac, of course the whole thing is just for illustrative and educational purposes and the original game), must be met. Then start the game for the first time and then close it again. In this site, you can delve into the topic.
  • Proceed to download cider from and copy it into the Mac. You will see on the desktop cider application. App. Click the right mouse button and select ” Show Package Contents. ” Following this you will see what is in the cider folder. Proceed by copying the files installed by the game on the PC in a USB key or otherwise if you have an external hard disk based on the magnitude of the game in question.
  • Copied all the files on Mac within the application cider, especially within the /Contents/Resources/TransGaming/C_Drive/Program Files. After copying within this folder all the game files, go to the root of cider and open the info file .plist. Completed the above steps will need to make some changes to this file. Under ” CedegaGameDir, ” you have to write where the game exactly.
  • In particular, you have to write ” C:\Program Files\xxx ” where xxx is the game folder that was installed. Proceed to item ” CedegaGameName ” and specify the folder where the program was put. At the end, it should be added the name of the executable file .exe, the executable of the Windows operating system. Here is a link to a site that may be useful to our cause.