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How to create a web site with RapidWeaver

Create a web site with RapidWeaver is a very simple and fast. This tool allows you to create excellent sites with very little expense (only the price of the license) giving excellent graphics.

There are seven versions of RapidWeaver and the last presents many more options, always give you a service that meets your expectations. Here’s how to create a web site with RapidWeaver.

  • With RapidWeaver can create a magnificent web site without the need of HTML code or JavaScript spending less than $40. The newest version of RapidWeaver lets you enjoy more than fifty brand new features while the old ones have been improved greatly. If you want you can also see a preview of the site in your tablet. Another positive feature of RapidWeaver is the ability to share projects with others of your choice.
  • In addition to these services RapidWeaver also it offers the ability to share a common code throughout the site. Another positive side of this fantastic tool, not to be underestimated, is the introduction of two new modules and a thousand really very practical functionality. One of them allows you to perform a total check of your website potential failing even to get all SEO elements that are incorrect, in addition to the missing items, which are usually very numerous. In addition, each entity that appears to be out of the ordinary standards can be detected quickly and safely. RapidWeaver also allows you to use your FTP client, which is essential to transfer all components of the host site.
  • Perhaps one of the most innovative features of RapidWeaver is its speed in transmitting data. This is a great advantage and surely promises you a great time saver. Being a bit difficult to use when you are inexperienced, RapidWeaver may take some time to insert images and forms, but with a little practice you can achieve a perfect site.
  • This program is also very useful if you want a site that is not operated by a CMS server side. In this case choose a site created with RapidWeaver is really the best choice to make, thanks to its truly innovative interface. On some stores you can buy RapidWeaver only thirty euro. With this modest sum, you have available forty kinds of design and different character fonts.

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