How to create new user account on Mac OS X

If you are looking for a simple and clear way to successfully set up a new user account on Mac OS X, this is the guide for you. Creating the new user, you’ll also want to set the type to which it belongs and the operations that can be taken when using your computer.

This user account will be host, administrator, with parental controls, standards, shared or belonging to a particular group and consequently, with privileges or limitations set directly from you. Carefully read the instructions and follow the step by step outline on how to create your new user account on Mac OS X.

  • Point the arrow icon apple present on the menu bar, click on it and then select the ” System Preferences option. ” Now select in the drop-down next to the option System and from there click with the mouse on the icon ” Accounts. ” If the changes are disabled just make another click on the padlock which is present at the bottom left of the window so that you can authenticate as an administrator, entering at this point the user name that you have chosen and the corresponding password.
  • If, instead, you want to create a new guest account does not just click on the icon at the bottom left. Selected at this point the account type in ” New Account “, and now fill in the appropriate fields as follows: Full Name: The user’s real name, your real name and not one invented. Account name: the nickname, user name, a nickname or other name of your invention. Password: the password you want to set for accessing the new personal account. Verification: reinsert the same password to reconfirm with the computer.
  • Password Hint: a helpful tip in case you forget the password, it is visible to all and this is difficult to choose an option that only you know, so that no one can guess and violate the access to your new account. Click the ” Enable Security filevault ” option if we want the user’s home directory and all its files are encrypted so that other users can not obtain, unless decriptino then, action is possible only if you know the password. In case you tend to guess wrong and the more times the data consecutively password are automatically deleted. This requires a heavy use of Hard Disk and processor, so I recommend only if you have highly confidential files and want extreme protection.
  • Finally, you can go to ” Login Options ” (with the symbol of a house) to change some options related to the log-in of other users. We can set the auto-log in to a user account when you start your Mac, then, rather than enter each time the validation data; or we can choose between two types of graphic windows log-in: The first displays a list of all the user accounts present and selecting this just click on your account and perform the operation log-in; and another showing the two classical panes to fill, one for the insertion of the user name and the other for the insertion of the password.
  • Other settings allow you to show: The three main buttons: stop, shut down and restart. The onscreen keyboard to the login window. The suggestions in case you forget the password and allow us the use of VoicOver in the same window to log in. The quick-change menu of user accounts in the menu bar at the top right.