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How to edit images in Word on Mac

If you’re in this guide, it means that you want to understand how to edit images in Word on the Mac. Word 2010, it allows you to work with graphics (just remember that the Word is not a graphics program). You can use some of the touch-up feature of the world to deal with drawings of a document. However, to have Word on your Mac must first download a virtual machine that supports Windows, that said, let’s begin.

  • You can change the size of an image on the page. The image can be resized by the lifting eyes. Hold down the Shift key. Use the mouse to drag one of the four corners of the inward or outward to make the image proportionally smaller or larger. Release the Shift key. Holding down the Shift key keep the proportional image. Otherwise, you are changing the image size when you scale, which distorts the image. For example, grip the top handle and drag it up or down to make the picture taller or shorter.
  • Cropping an image in Word 2010. In the jargon of the graphics, cropping works is equivalent to taking a pair of scissors to the image. Make the image smaller, but by doing so, you eliminate some of the content, just like an angry, sullen teenager would use the shears to remove her cheating scum bag ex-girlfriend from a prom photo.
  • Here’s how to trim. Click image to select it. Click the Crop button in the group of the Format tab size. Now you are in the crop mode, which works much like resizing an image. Drag an image handle inward to crop, which cuts off a hand or two from the image. After finishing the cutout, click again on the Crop button to deactivate this mode.
  • Brings up images of word. The new images that thrown down on a page appear one above the other. When you’re unhappy with the overlap, you can change the order of an image using these keys. Align, for example. To help maintain multiple images in a row, use the menu on the Align button. First select multiple images by holding down the Shift key as you click on each of them. Then choose an alignment option, such as Align Center, Align button from the menu. This is to properly organize images in a horizontal line.