How to configure your iMac

It is the first time that you turn on your iMac. You’ll want to figure out how to configure your device to start using it in the best way. With this simple guide able to understand all the steps you take to initialize your device. All mediated the setup assistant. This will enable easy configuration and, at the same time, you can make quick, clean installation.

1.) The setup assistant, for the uninitiated, is very convenient. It helps the new user, allowing him to enter the correct settings, as well as its options. It helps you manage your Internet connections and network settings. It allows you to transfer settings from an old Mac to the new one. It manages the user account, and start the installation of any connected device.

2.) Once turned on the iMac, it will start the setup assistant. It will be up to you to decide whether to proceed or perform the steps manually. It is always advised to follow the instructions shown to prevent errors. This way, you will not have problems in the future. Let’s see what to do. Proceed until you will see on the screen: ” You already have an iMac? “. This aspect is used if you need to move files from one Mac to another. Then you can skip this step. Continue clicking on the heading: ” Do not transfer my information now. ”

3.) Now you have to follow the new instructions. Especially to configure the Internet and various wireless network that you want to connect. Having done this, click on ” set up an account. ” Exit the assisted setup program and start the DVD sharing configuration, and CD printer. Then return to your iMac to complete the final setting.

4.) Remember it is not always necessary to care utilization. If you have an older Mac, you just start migrating to move settings from one device to another. To do that you must click on the Applications folder, access the ” Utilities ” and double-click on the iMac’s Migration program. Follow the directions on the screen and complete the steps to complete the transfer of files properly and, above all, complete. And here you have seen how to configure an iMac. There will only have to start now to discover all the potential.

Note : If you are not experienced use the Setup Wizard.