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How to count words for TextEdit on Mac

There will definitely happen, we need to know the number of words that make up a text drawn up by us to your computer. The most obvious way to be able to get this value is to manually count them, but this would require a lot of patience and a lot of effort.

The computer there are many different ways to be able to very easily count the number of words in a text fully automatically. On the Internet, we can find many guides who will show us, depending on the operating system of our knowledge, how to do to be able to count the words or letters of a text. In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to run the count of words in a text, using TextEdit for Mac.

  • To turn the words Counter we will first activate the script menu that is located in the menu bar. To do so, open the window of the application’s preferences AppleScript Editor (located in Applications / Utilities folder) and check ” shows the Script menu in the menu bar. ” At this point, we will have to create a folder in which to save the script itself. You should create it in the ” Library ” folder, which we find in the root directory of the user reach and faster with the following combination of keys: Command + Shift + H. Now we can create the ” Scripts ” folder and, inside, the folder ” Applications “, in which to create, in turn, the ” TextEdit ” folder. For a better understanding, this is the way it should be: ser/Library/Scripts/Applications/TextEdit.
  • After you create the necessary number of folders, open the AppleScript Editor application and type the following sequence:
  • Open application ” TextEdit
  • Set words to count words of document 1
  • Set character to count characters of document 1
  • display dialog ” The document contains ” & (word as string) & ” words and ” & (characters as string) & ” characters. ” With icon 1 with title ” Character counter ” buttons ( ” OK ” ) default button ” OK “.
  • Finally, we will have no choice but to save the script into TextEdit folder you created earlier. Now, if we have done all the steps correctly, there will finally be possible to count the words and characters of any document open in TextEdit. There simply click on the icon of the script that is located in the menu bar under ” Character counter. “