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How to change the startup sound of Mac ( Tips #2)

The various operating systems (Windows, Linus, Mac), once launched, emit a characteristic start-up sound. By following this guide you cannot change the startup sound of Mac without removing the audio to video and music files.

With the help of free applications downloaded from the Internet or typing a line of code in the Terminal, you’ll be able to change settings, and manage the volume to your liking. I also explain how to add custom sounds by recording them on your microphone. Here’s how to change the startup sound of Mac (First Tip!).

  • Download the Psst StartSound application, you can simply go to the application panel, here you will open a window whose use is intuitive; to eliminate the sound, you will need to bring the level to 0 by moving the tab on the left. This action will only bring down the sound level of warnings Mac leaving you free to enjoy videos and music.
  • Psst has the same procedure StartSound, here you just need to launch it from the application panel. This will open the control window from which you can adjust the volume of Mac’s sounds. As for StartupSound, to make the changes, you just slide the tab to your personal preferences.
  • If you can not, or will not download applications from the Internet, you can change the settings of the terminal. Proceed by launching the Terminal (is referred to as LaunchPad, Terminal). Type the following line: sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume = 80%. If you are prompted, enter the authorization password and confirmation. To cancel the procedure and return to the original settings you just repeat the whole thing by writing the line: sudo nvram -d SystemAudioVolume.
  • If you wish to have custom sounds on your Mac go to the Apple menu and select the monitor, from here open the Sound option. Now you have a list in front of various types of typical ii alert to the system and are next to the icons to play them. By selecting ” Add ” you will be able to record what you want by using the microphone. Then save everything and restart.
  • Otherwise, if you want to add a sound to Mac, launch Automator from the ” Applications ” folder. Click the ” New Document ” button and select an application from the list of document types, click the ” Choose. ” Drag action ” Run Shell Script ” from the list ” Actions ” in the box of the workflow on the right side of the window. In the text area, type Afplay followed by the full path of the sound file you want to use as the startup sound. You can also type Afplay and drag the audio file into the text.