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How to create a network with your Mac

This tutorial is intended to give information on how you can create a network using the Mac. If you have different kinds of computers at home or office, and you want to share such as your documents with other users this guide is quite helpful. It illustrates in a simple and fast how to do this with the Mac. It is certainly much easier than you think.

Let us see how to set up a small home network to share documents that are on your Mac with the other PCs in the home. For anyone who wants to access the sharing must be logged in.

  • At first, you have to connect your Mac to the network using a cable or via Wi-Fi. Then you must click on ” System Preferences ” and ” sharing. “
  • Later on the right of the screen shows all types of Mac share. At this point, you have to click on ” File Sharing ” and you turn the whole thing. After selecting the item you need to add the folders to be shared on the network; for example, the My Documents folder you choose the one with the name ” Public. ” To do this you must click on the ” ” sign that is located under the column with the name ” Shared Folders.”
  • At this point, the Mac requires you to set permissions to access the resource. Now you can access both the reading and writing; the word ” All ” means that other users cannot. The choice of sharing or not permission is up to those who set the permissions themselves. The Mac makes it possible to carry out the ” free sharing to all users with no need to Login. ” In this case to allow access to other network users need to set the permissions for everyone. Only in this way they can access both the read and write enabled. To do this you have to click and highlight ” All ” and then you have to select the word ” Read / Write.”
  • You can also decide to make another important and significant decision, namely that the ” only share with a particular user. ” To do this you need to click on the ” + ” sign that is at the bottom. Then to add the new user must set access privileges as was done in the previous example. In this way, the share is created. As it has been noted in a few steps it was accomplished what you wanted.