How to update the Mac

These days it is always useful to know how to perform small functions that would otherwise be carried out by field technicians, making you spend a modest sum. Especially when it comes to computers, there are many jobs that need to be done if you do not want to spend a lot of money.

Obviously, the work to be done for a computer is different depending on the type of computer you have, it all depends on the brand and all the other technical characteristics. Apple computers are recognized as devices that require more maintenance, but also offer the best performance.

So, let’s see how to update the Mac.

How to prepare the computer for the update

To start, it is certainly useful to make a backup of the most important data for you. It is obvious that updating your computer will not result in the deletion of your data, but you know that it is better to protect yourself for the future.

To do this you will have to turn to Time Machine, an application that, if you have a simple external hard disk, you can immediately copy all the files you selected and make a backup, so that even in the worst case, when the update delete any data in the internal memory of your device, it would still be a copy in your trusted external hard drive.

How to download updates

To complete this step it will be useful to go to the Mac App Store, which will immediately show you all the appropriate updates, both of the operating systems and of the applications downloaded from here. Going on the settings of the application, you will see that you can check several options, depending on what you click the computer will download certain updates while others do not.

Pay attention to what you want to download, in order to download all at once. I always recommend having a broadband connection to speed up the downloading process, but also because it also requires some data.

How to install updates

At this point, as a last step, you will only need to install the updates manually or directly from the application. To do so you will have to wait for an update notification from the same application and at that point you only have to click on its icon and then accept the conditions of use to make sure that when you want you can install the update. To do so, you will need to restart the computer by clicking on restart / install (a button located inside the application) and at that point your update will be installed in a few minutes.