How to install aMule on Mac

The program called Amule is the Emule version for MAC. Thanks to this program you will be able to download video and audio files. It, unlike other P2Ps belonging to well known computer companies, does not contain spyware and adware, thanks to special tools.

Then, in that tutorial, we’ll explain how to install aMule on MAC. However, Emule can be used on various platforms like Amule on Mac.

Be careful, as we will explain in detail and with great precision everything, you need to do to do this job. Good reading and good work!

  • First of all, you will need to download the Amule program from the home page that is If you see black-and-white scripts pointing to a server migration error, you can download the program by pressing Click here for downloads.
  • You will find the green key with the word Download Amule for all versions, then select it then you will have to wait for the files to be downloaded. If you signed a contract with Fastweb, and you need to download Amule Adunanza, you can press here. In doing so, you’ve downloaded Amule on your Mac, and now it’s time to install it.
  • Take the file you just downloaded, then drag it and drag it to the Applications folder, then start Amule by pressing on the program then you will see that the server list is immediately set. Otherwise select the triangular key next to the server list. Now you have to focus on the file sharing configuration: then press the ” Settings ” icon, the one that represents the work tools, and the side menu, then go to the ” General ” item.
  • Type a nickname in the dedicated field, check the ” Check for new versions ” check box at startup, navigate to the Connections tab: in the Upload and Download slots, then set values ​​that correspond to your connection, perhaps by testing a site who deal with this, such as this link. Set the following values ​​and you will be able to improve download performance and / or even uploads.
  • At this point, click on the ” Server ” tab, check the ” Connect Automatically ” entries only to the static server, and also on ” Remove Inactive Servers ” after two attempts, then pressing ” Use Priority System ” and ” Use Intelligent Control ” of the LowID during connection.
  • The values ​​that you have already set in the TCP port and UDP port can leave you as they are, but if you see that the speed is too low, you have to go open the ports on our router, enabling the connections, use the Simply Port Forwarding free to search on Google. End your work by selecting the Directory tab: Set the folders where you will download files and share them with the ” Browse ” button. Once finished, you can start downloading everything that interests you, paying attention to copyrighted content.
Note : You have to be careful and be precise in the settings.