How to install Arduino on Mac

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronic projects. The software consists of a physical structure programmable through a circuit (often referred to as a micro controller) and a software part, also called IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is executed through the computer and used for writing and loading certain codes from physical form.

Arduino has become very popular because, unlike many programmable circuits, it does not need an external programmer, and IDE uses a simplified version of C, making it easier to learn how to program. After this, let’s see how to install Arduino on the Mac.

Arduino is a recently launched program across the country thanks to the co-ordinated support of Telecom Italia and Olivetti. Arduino is a framwork that is sold without installation cd.

This detail saves costs. To begin with, you must obtain Arduino, then install it must be connected to the Arduino website. Downloading drivers for your MAC. The first step to installing, after purchasing the original program, is to link to the following link, where you will find the download file.

After downloading, you will find a downloaded zip folder that you will need to unpack. After opening it, install Arduino by inserting it into your computer’s USB. Wait for automatic recognition and wait for the drivers to load automatically.

Unfortunately, in most cases, drivers do not load automatically, so the manual procedure is performed. The manual installation process is quite simple: go to Start and Control Panel, then click System and then System Properties. Get on Hardware and look for the Arduino device, which is signaled with a question mark.

At this point, click on this letter with the right mouse button. Select the entry: Update Drivers. Choose manual update mode. Searching for drivers (via the drop-down menu, previously open: browse) Then take them from your original zip folder. The drivers will be installed so you can finish installing Arduino. Try it instantly on your MAC.