How to install program on Mac

Whatever your PC and any operating system you are using, whether Microsoft or Apple, in order to meet all the needs and needs of those who buy it, you must have installed special programs.

These programs can serve you to play, work, or any other uses that come to your mind. Programs can be purchased, if they are copyrighted, or downloaded from the web.

In this guide, we will see how to install a program on a MAC, specifying from now  that there are substantial differences between installing a program in Windows and MAC, starting with the extension of the same file, which for Windows is .exe, while for MAC it is .dmg.  So let’s look at this prerequisite for installing a program on MAC.

The first thing to do is of course to find the program that interests us and download it or buy it. Obviously, the procedure is whether you have the installation cd, or you do not have it. However, if you are an expert, and you want to be faster, just click on the muose on the .dmg file and the operating system autorun will do the rest. If, on the other hand, you are not very outdated, follow the instructions below to install your program problems.

At this point, it is enough to drag (with the mouse) the program icon inside the ” Applications ” folder. As soon as this is done, the procedure for installing the program will start. When done, just click the ” eject ” button next to the program name, always in the sidebar.

In the case of a program in format ” .pkg ” (the rarest but most commonly used), simply double-click on the icon and from then on the installation will be very similar to that used for Windows programs. In the case, it is quite common that the programs are compressed in format ” .zip ” or ” .sit ” , it will be enough to unpack the archive first, and then, when done, search the compressed folder in the format ” .dmg ” or ” .pkg “.

It may be useful to move the Applications folder to your desktop so that you can have it immediately ” mouse ” when we want to transfer the programs. To do this, simply click anywhere on the desk. At the top, the word ” Finder ” appears. Click on the ” Archive ” menu and then on ” New Finder window ” .  Now click on ” Macintosh HD ” (located in the sidebar) and drag the ” Applications ” folder to your desktop. All done. Just click on the icon on your desktop to install a program by simply dragging the mouse.