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How to make and print a calendar with iPhoto

iPhoto is a digital photo management software developed by Apple Inc available for Mac OS X and since the iOS 5.1 version, also on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is a program that can take the images from the camera (or ” camera roll ” of one of the devices mentioned above) in order to organize, process, share, print or archive. This guide provides the steps on how to make and print a calendar using iPhoto, one of the most useful and fun features of the program.

If you plan to create an alternative calendar, but in a simple and fast, great gift idea, the iPhoto software is the right program for this type of requirement. Through its use, you can download the photos needed to accomplish your work, starting with creating an event and then select ” Calendar ” in the bottom bar in the center of the program.

  • At this time, it will open a window that will list all the themes used, it is advisable to focus the choice also based on the event recalled the calendar; select one and continue. As expected, the next step will consist in the selection of the month and the year starting the calendar, choose January, its year and decide whether public holidays related to the country will be shown. Other requests can be left unchanged.
  • This will display a preview screen of the calendar with the imported photos on the left; simply drag and drop individual photos into the appropriate spaces in the various pages of the calendar, also modifying the various inscriptions found. You can scroll through the pages by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right and change the theme, the background color and format at any time.
  • After finishing the work, you can decide whether to purchase the calendar from Apple, which will print it and send it to your home or directly to the recipient, paying different amounts depending on the services that will be required. Alternatively, you should select ” File ” from the top pull-down menu, click ” Print ” and save your work in PDF format; that way, you can choose to print it themselves at a much lower cost.
  • Alternatively, to create a calendar using iPhoto, click the Share button in the iPhoto toolbar and click Calendar. Choose a theme from the carousel theme Big Data, and click Create. In the resulting dialog box iPhoto click OK. Use the check boxes to include optional information iCal (useful for holidays and birthdays of contacts).
  • iPhoto scrolls the photos in sequence or calendar date and allows you to view the pages. To edit photos on a page, double-click. You can override the choices of iPhoto, clicking photos in the toolbar. You will open the Photos tab containing thumbnails of the source images. To put all the photos on the pages of the calendar, click Clear Photos.
  • If you do not see the photos in the Photos pane, locate it in the library, drag the project icon in the Source list and then return to the calendar project. To replace a photo, drag it from the Photos tab on empty frame or existing photo. To change the zoom level, click a photo on the page and use the resulting zoom slider.