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How to make transparent the hidden application icons on the dock

One of the peculiar features of the Apple operating system is the presence, at the bottom of the screen, the famous Dock. This bar allows you to view all the applications open at that time and to create links to the most useful ones, in order to ensure easier navigation between different applications installed on your Mac.

When an application is minimized or hidden (in language Mac), it collapses within the appropriate link in the Dock. It is easy to see if an application is open and is hidden or is it just the process to be active. The symbols do not differ. It can, with a series of tricks, Make Transparent Icons Of Applications On Hidden Dock. How do we see.

  • Mind you that the Mac OS X operating system is a hidden function that allows us to achieve the desired effect without having to reduce us to download and install third-party applications that might damage your computer or steal our data. The key to our process is in the registry.
  • First, open the Terminal. To do so, go to the Applications folder on your Mac and then surf the Utility. Here you will find the icon corresponding to the terminal, which will allow you to start the console to provide the appropriate command.
  • Once you launch the terminal, you have to type (or copy-paste through this command in the Edit menu, different from the usual cmd V), the following text string: ” defaults write showhidden bool YES ” This command will apply to properties of the application of ” Dock ” ” YES ” label system to ” showhidden ” tab, which signals the activation or not translucent effect.
  • Once the string applied, you will need to restart the Finder. To do this, you can head in the application ” Activity Monitor ” traceable thanks to the Spotlight feature. Then look for the ” Finder ” process and click the right mouse button will allow you to restart it, by selecting the item from the appropriate pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can launch from the terminal command ” killall Finder ” ” killall Dock “.
  • In case you want to undo changes to the Dock, you can just re-launch the terminal and type ” defaults write com. Apple. Dock showhidden bool NO “. This way, you reverse your choice before going to edit the entry again in the registry.