How to perform a backup of mail from Mail on Mac

How many times has it happened to us. Mac-maniacs have to make a backup on the fly of our emails for many reasons? Maybe because we wanted to reformat the disk without losing our valuable mail data, because we wanted to reinstall the Mail program, or simply to make a small store, and all this without deleting all e-mail addresses ” collected ” in years and years of contacts! Here, that in the next steps of this guide will deal with understanding how you can perform a backup email by mail in our Mac OS X.

  • First of all, to save the contents of all e-mail accounts on your Mac, you’ll need to drag the Mail folder on the desktop (meaning the application) by holding down the ” Option ” button. This is located in the ” Library ” folder, inside the folder ” Start ” (usually has your same computer name: in my case my name and surname). You can then burn your Mail folder to a CD, or save the content in an external drive.
  • In case you want to also save some mail (or all, as you prefer) in a text format, you can select ” physically ” emails that interest you directly from the program, then go to select the ” File ” menu and select ” Record With as ” and save your email in a format that you are offered in the popup menu ” Format. ” Once you have reinstalled the Mail program, you can proceed with the restore folder that you saved on the desktop, proceeding as follows: from the ” File ” menu of the program, you select ” Import boxes ” and then choose the folder in question: in this way you will end your e-mail from your POP account (or any IMAP account) that you had previously.
  • In addition, there is another method to back up our email, simply by downloading a program that gives us the ability to copy our data. Email Backup is a very simple to use software that allows you to automatically create backups of your email. The software allows you to perform scheduled backups starting from the most common email applications and through the use of a simple interface. Email backup has a very simple and intuitive to use, in which we can choose the day and the execution of our backup now.
  • The software in question is compatible with Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage 2004 and 2008, Eudora and ThunderBird, but also with Mac OS X 10.4 and all later versions, both on PPC and Intel machines. Below you will find the download link, through which you can directly download the program (