How to permanently empty the Trash on the Mac

As a first approach to a Mac computer, it is not so simple and easy, especially if you are used to a Windows operating system. Emptying trash, it will not be a complex task, indeed, be quite fast and simple.

This work will require a careful attention, because this does not allow more than to go back and when you have eliminated permanently logs, you can recover only with the use of certain and specific programs. Later, we will give you instructions on how to permanently empty the Trash on the Mac.

  • Before you begin, you’ll need to verify that you did start your Mac computer. When the operating system you started, you can make a file verification that are already present possibly the trash. Usually, the trash of the Mac, you will find on the ” desk “, which is the last on the right arrow icon. You must remember that the ” desk ” of the Mac is almost equal to the ” desktop ” of the classic PC for Windows.
  • If the bin is full, you will see the graphic icon that will display precisely depicted with full of paper trash. You can then proceed by pressing the mouse, with a click, above all icons and wait for the window to open. If there are files contained in this icon, you will see large icons or a list, depending on the visibility settings.
  • Once you have done the check, if all the files that are inside the basket window will be permanently removed, you can proceed in two ways. The first way will be in this mode: you have to press the top right button that says ” Empty Trash. ” Later, you’ll have to send a confirmation message that will appear at the center of the screen, and you have to press ” Empty Trash. ” At this point, you’ll have to wait until the operation is completed. Now you have to press the red small button at the top right, in order to get out of the trash box.
  • The second way will consist in this, that we will tell you. You’ll have to close the window by pressing the trash on the red small button located at the top right. Now press the right mouse button (or you can also hold down the ” Ctrl ” key on the keyboard, pressing the mouse button only if you have a Mac mouse is not configured to right), the trash icon on the desktop (remember, the last at the bottom right). In doing so, it will open a drop-down menu with the choices of ” Open ” and ” Empty Trash. ” So you have to press on ” Empty Trash “, then you’ll have to confirm the following screen by pressing again on ” Empty Trash. ” Now you just have to wait until the operation is fully completed.
  • In both cases, if there are no error messages that appear during emptying the trash, it means that the operation will go well. As an additional security, you can check the icon on the ” Desktop “. If you see that the basket is empty, no white paper in, it means that the trash is completely empty and there are no files within it.

Note :

  • The advantage of this is that it saves space on the hard disk of your Mac computer, thus eliminating unnecessary files.
  • Once this is done, you can no longer go back, and you will be able to recover only deleted files with just the use of special programs.