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How to recover files to the trash in OS X

Although for Mac users is really a breeze to back up files using Time Machine, you do not always happen to have hard drives and other external media to hand …

So we have to be very careful when we eliminate files and data, be certain that they are not important things, in the future, we need and that we should not remove. OS X allows its users to have easy and intuitive to what we have discarded thanks to the ” Trash ” folder: here we cannot only see what was thrown, run some software options to erase data permanently or to retrieve the again if there still were for. We see then in this fast and practical guide how to recover trashed files, in case of need!

  • Look for the ” Trash ” folder, that is shaped like a basket that you find directly into the dock to your Mac, on the far right. Just like a waste basket, if you see empty means that the same folder is empty, and they are deleted items, and when you see the basket with the contents within it, means that something has been eliminated. At these points, you can open the Trash folder and browse all the files inside until you have found the deleted item that you wanted to retrieve. The fact Trash until it is ” emptied ” from someone keeps inside the files that have been deleted.
  • Now, select the file with the mouse, you have to press the ” Control ” button to open a menu from which, then, you’ll have to choose ” Restore “. The element in question will then be removed from the ” Trash ” folder and repositioned on the desktop or in the last directory in which it was exactly one second before you as you deleted. Alternatively, you can always drag from outside the Trash, and then placing it on the same desktop or wherever you prefer.
  • If you cannot find the deleted item in your basket, you can always download free or paid software that can recover data, such as FileSalvege, Mac Disk Doctor Data Recovery and Data Rescue 3, executing the instructions that characterize each specific software. However, remember that if you have not permanently deleted your files, emptying the Recycle Bin … Nothing is lost! Just rummage a little …