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How to send a fax with Mac OSX

Today the use of fax machines is very important both to communicate with the private companies with public administration. Owning a fax is very expensive, especially if we need exclusively for private use. It is good to know that, there are alternative solutions for sending a standard fax: it is now possible to send faxes through Max OSX.

This operating system is offered by Apple Inc. It is habitable through personal Mac computer. Through the next steps of this guide will take care to teach you, if you own a Mac computer, how to proceed to send a fax using Mac OSX. The process is very simple and only requires a good knowledge of your computer.

  • First, we must know that the fax acts as a kind of remote scanner and e-mail client, which then allows you to send documents through a telephone connection. Today you will be able to send a fax via the computer, the Apple OSX operating system allows you to transmit virtually any file as a fax. This gives you the freedom to send important documents immediately without owning a fax machine. The first thing to do is to download one of the applications available for Mac OSX as PageSender. This particular application makes it possible to send documents Doc, PNG, RTF, Txt, PDF (file extensions) to a fax.
  • You should know that there are other applications that may be the slightly different interface, but generally offer the same services and features that we’re going to describe to me here. The first step is to install the application PageSender, using PagerSender file .dmg (which you can download directly from the Internet with an easy and instant download): just double-click its icon to install it. Follow the instructions provided to install the program on your personal computer: the installation is performed automatically, without requiring you to do anything.
  • At this point, PageSender drag the icon to the hard disk file applications to complete the installation process. Now double-click to open the application and follow carefully all the instructions in the program to add fax numbers to the database. What we will do now is to open the file you want to send, then proceed going to change the document to your liking, if necessary, and make the final adjustments and then save it.
  • Now go to ” File ” (on the menu bar) and click ” Print. ” Select ” PageSender-Fax ” and select the default printer, and choose the page range you want to send, as well as the fax number to which you must send the document. At this point, click on ” Print ” to send the fax to the recipient and the receipt printer. As you can see, once the program is installed, the fax transmission process turns out to be rather simple and will give you the ability to send all types of documents without the need to have the special device for faxes.