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How to set automatic shutdown for Mac

Over the years, the software and hardware that make up the various portable or fixed computers have always been improved. This has obviously led to improvements to the performance of the individual components, with the novelty that in effect each year it is modernized until it reaches features unthinkable only a few years before. We want to talk to you in this simple list of how the Macs entered the competitive market, so computers that are created by Apple.

Once only Bill Gates with his Microsoft had free access to the market, so much so that one could speak of a real monopoly on the subject of information technology: today there is a real boom in IT companies and related operating systems; just think of UbuntuLinux, iOs, Windows and so on and so forth.

Obviously, many of these above have quite different characteristics: in particular, we want to briefly mention that many of these are moddable in the sense that they can be easily changed by an expert user – and many others have more restrictions such as Apple. Despite this very historical introduction, we want to get to the heart of the matter by explaining 5 ways to set it off automatically on your new Mac. Let’s take a quick and easy look together.

Through settings : The most trivial thing to do is to go in the settings, between the programs of the Menu, and look for the automatic shut-off via the keyboard. It will open a window through which you will be redirected to a page where you will have the opportunity to choose after how many minutes or hours you can set the automatic shutdown of your computer.

Through the first start : We advise you to set the automatic switch-off even during the first start-up. This means that when you buy a computer and need to customize the operating system, it will surely ask you when and if you want to program automatic shutdown. This is the right time to set it up.

Through applications : Do not forget at this point that even through some mobile applications you can control the computer. There are many and are the most varied: these will help you to access the computer and set the automatic shutdown at a distance (the important thing is to be connected to wifi).

By means of a combination of keys : The Mac keyboard offers the possibility to set the automatic shut-off only when you choose to press the keys at the same time. This does not mean that we can tell you exactly which, since every Mac has its commands: we can explain that in principle, there is this alternative.

Through computer programs : Finally, we cannot briefly mention the fact that you can obviously program the automatic shutdown of your Mac also through the programs that the same house Apple offers, so they are programs essentially already installed in your computer. You will only need to look for them and see which of these do the work you need.