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How to set up a Wi-Fi printer with your Mac

Did you know that the Apple home computer (the common Mac) you can connect any printer has a Wi-Fi device? Unlike common portable devices like iPad or iPod, they usually need support accessories, in this case you can use any type of printer that have Wi-Fi.

In this guide, I will show you how to configure the device and make sure that you connect to your Mac, allowing you to print whatever you want. Thus we see how to proceed.

  • First, turn on your Wi-Fi connection on the printer to be configured with your Mac. To do it access the network, you can use the software provided to you with the printer, or directly to the router. This second method involves the use of a connection available from your router’s configuration page, or use the WPS button. By pressing the aforementioned button, the printer will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi modem network without, there being any need to do anything else. After that, you’ll have to connect your Mac to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, go on the Mac settings, commonly called ” System Preferences. ” From here, click ” Print and Scan ” and click the ” Add Device ” button in the lower part of the left side, below the list of installed devices. Later, you’ll have to choose the printer to set up, that if you do it right into the network, will be immediately recognized and commissioning list. At this point, follow the instructions on the screen, you need to download the software to run properly your printer to your Mac. You can use the same steps to configure the scanner and network fax.
  • Apple uses the ” Bonjour ” protocol to connect printers on the network, but you can also give yourself the address or host name of the network that represents your printer. Furthermore, I remind you that this guide was written just thinking to Mac and not the iPhone or the iPad, as to communicate with the latter devices. The ” AirPrint ” protocol is required. There is a plug-in called ” AirPrint Activator “, which you can use to connect the printer connected to your Mac even with portable devices via Wi-Fi network. Good job!

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