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How to move and remove icons in the menu bar of Mac OS X

The Mac OS X menu bar is undoubtedly a fundamental tool for the use of the system, since it allows for constant control certain features and useful applications.

In some cases, it could turn into an excessive collection of icons, going against its basic principle: the immediacy. In this regard, in the subsequent steps, will show you how to move and remove the icons from the bar with a simple system, in such a way to customize and change the bar depending on your needs, as well as to speed up the job! Thus we see how to proceed.

  • First, the Mac OS X system allows you to customize the menu bar, adding applications, removing, or changing the layout. It can be very useful to sort them according to personal criteria, and arrange them as you wish. To rearrange them, press the command key (CMD), and drag the icon to the point where you want to place it to the left or right. Some of the icons cannot be removed while others are added automatically by the system, or after installation. You can use two methods. If you want to remove applications from the bar: just press the ” CMD ” key on the keyboard and drag down, or drag the application to the trash.
  • In doing so it will disappear, but you can always add it again. On the bar you have only a link to the application, then it is possible to safely remove the desired elements, since not been definitively removing the item from the computer, but have simply removed its icon. Then, to add other applications to the bar, you’ll have to open the Finder, then follow this path and go to the folder extra applications: /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/.
  • To open it, you can also follow another method: after having entered the finder, press Shift + CMD + G and type (or paste) the path. Here, there are all extensions for the bar, which you can add by clicking on it twice. Trying to add applications to the bar, you can try the various functions: for example, to understand how it works, you can click on them with the right key and open the menu with options. This way, you will find useful shortcuts, eliminating those not used. Good job!