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How to use the terminal on Mac

In this simple guide, you will learn how to use a classic terminal on a Mac device. This can be very useful to those who must transfer workbooks from one terminal to another in a short time and does not want to risk losing their transferring files another way.

Being the Mac a very different device from the other, is not as easy to connect a classic terminal. Thus we see how to proceed.

  • First, click the ” Finder ” in the main menu on your Mac and then ” Applications. ” Select ” Tools ” and double-click on ” Terminal ” to start the corresponding utility. Type the command you want to run to your Mac in the terminal window, then press the ” Enter ” key to start it. There appears this inscription: ” SS64: OS X commands. ” Click ” Open ” and choose the path of the file folder or application you want to open and press the ” Enter ” key. Then, type ” Shutdown ” and press ” Enter ” to turn off the computer.
  • Subsequently, you can also connect the two terminal in another mode, namely that ping. To make this connection, run the utility ” Terminal “, this you can find in the ” Utilities ” folder inside the ” Applications ” folder. Then type ” ping ” of the word (without the quotes), followed by the domain (without http: //) or IP number. For example, to ping a site, you type ” ping www. Pingtest. Net ” (without the quotes). Also, with the ping command, you can use some interesting options: with the letter C, you will specify the number of commands to be sent and will automatically stop the process.
  • For example, the string ” ping-c 3 www. Pingtest. Net ” means that the command applies to three sending mode and the fourth, the process will be stopped on its own. The letter I is to indicate intervals and specifies the number of seconds to wait for sending each command, it is sometimes advisable to put an interval, especially for long and heavy commands. In addition, you can also use these two commands together to combine their functions. For example, “ ping-c 3-5 www. Pingtest. Net ” 3 send commands and determine 5 seconds to wait between each of them. Press the ” Return ” key to start the connection between the terminal and the Mac. In this way, the terminal will work in table mode, giving each command sent, until it is canceled.