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How to start an application with iCal Calendars

iCal is an application that allows you to manage a calendar that is embedded in a Mac operating system and which is very useful for storing work or private appointments, but also to activate an alarm clock.

Few actually know that the iCal application also has other functions for example, each event can be automatically associated with starting a program or script. In this regard, here is a detailed guide on how to start an application with iCal.

  • Choose the iCal icon : First of all, we are in the mac’s desk, and we choose from the bottom or side of the icon bar at the screen, the icon that matches iCal. The image is a calendar page that has the red border and in the foreground of the day. Now let’s select the day and time when we intend to create an event and let’s double-click to create it. At this point, just select the ” Open Document ” option. If it is an application, the effect will be to get it started. Alternatively, the document is opened using the default program that is set to open the document type.
  • At this point, we need to know the basics that will open a program or document. If we already know how to crawl and want to run our Mac operations that no program does, or we want to customize the start of a certain procedure, the scripts are of help. To do this, we need another application running on the base of the Mac, which allows us to write commands in a computer language and execute them. The chances are two, although it is best to opt for ScriptEditor that is reached sequentially through the Applications and Apple Script entries, where you can write the code or record the actions.
  • Here are some examples of simple tasks to run that are pretty practical to better understand the language. Open an application, Open a folder directly from the hard disk are some examples of language we can meet, and if we intend to open a site, then a URL, then just type it and do this you need to add the website and then finish the operation. At this point, we only have to put into practice what we have described here, maybe repeat the reading and then finally realize with the utmost satisfaction the perfect functionality of iCal Calendars.