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How to transfer files larger than 4 GB in a USB stick

The operating system Mac OS X has a definitely different structure than the most widely used Windows. The procedures in order to operate on the two systems are quite diversified. The Apple system is much safer for some operations and gives no security problems or navigation.

Also, it is great for graphics and has a lower weight than the Microsoft operating systems. When people who own a computer running Mac OS X operating system trying to transfer larger than 4 GB file on a USB stick or an external hard disk might be difficulties in doing this. Reading this tutorial you can have the right information on how you can make this type of transfer.

  • If you try to transfer a 4 GB larger files, it can happen that you receive an error message: ” Not enough free space. ” If you experience this problem you need not worry. If you are in possession of a USB stick or an external hard disk that are roomy enough to hold the file, and you have enough free space available it is probably a ” filesystem ” problem where you have formatted your memory.
  • Sometimes, the memories for a fact are formatted for compatibility with the old FAT file system format. The latter can be read without any problem from Windows machines, Linux and Mac. If the file system is the old format is not able to support files greater than 4GB. To eliminate this problem must necessarily be formatted your memory, otherwise you cannot use it optimally.
  • Before proceeding with the formatting you must make a backup of the contents of the external memory. With the execution of this operation is to eliminate the entire contents of memory so it is advisable to keep a copy. This way, you avoid losing data permanently. Then you have to open Disk Utility (supplied software on the Mac OS X operating system). At this point, you must select your external memory, and you have to make a choice. You should choose one of the Mac Os extended formats and continue with formatting (choosing initializes). In doing so his memory has no limits, and you can use it fully.