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How to change the date and time format in Mac

No doubt, customize to your liking PC it means making every job more pleasant and even easier to play. Sometimes just a smaller writing (or larger) to complicate our lives, screen visibility and thus degrading performance. Today through the comprehensive steps of this guide, we will discover how to change the format of date and time in our Macintosh. As we know there are different types of Macintosh display: everything depends on the custom, and the state where you live. Please note that your operating system is Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard is an operating system with a very attractive graphics and quite intuitive, but as it happens at all, in the long run, we have been tired of the classic look of this fantastic OS (Operating System), System) and you should always be looking for some innovation, as can be for example, the change of the style with which displays the date and time. First of all, the first thing to do is locate the access to system settings.
  • Now select the settings for the date and time format. There are two ways to do this, one is to go through the system preferences. The other one (which is more immediate) is to click directly on the time that appears in the upper-right corner of our screen. In both cases, you arrive at the same identical setting window, and then the procedure remains the same for any choice made.
  • At this point, on the PC screen will open a popup menu will appear where various items. Let the ” Date time and Preference ” and click. Immediately we will open up a window with all possible combinations to be attributed to display the date and time. That remains is to tick the options that we consider most appropriate.
  • That choice must be well thought out and, above all must not be made at random because otherwise you risk not understand anything later. Recall that the ” GG ” indicated the days, but can also be provided with ” DD ” (depends on the version of the OS), the months are indicated ” MM ” and the years ” AAAA “, ” AA “, ” YYYY ” or ” YY “. The order will vary, but the result is always the same. As for the time we can find ” AM ” or ” PM ” beside which means that in the first case, there is a zone that goes from midnight to noon, and the other, conversely, from noon to midnight.