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How to transfer files from a MacBook to another computer

For Apple products keepers often interacting with computers other trademarks and other operating systems that mount it is not quite so simple. It may be necessary to interact primarily in the transfer of data and work programs or study. So let’s see how to do in a few simple steps, so as not to remain slaves of diversity of and incompatibility that may be encountered during the interaction of two products so different.

So if you have a Macbook and you tried, and often you find yourself in the position of having to exchange files with other different types of computers read this guide and clarify your doubts. Among these lines fact you will learn a simple and fast method to transfer any kind of file in a safe and effective. No need to waste time copying data to a USB stick and then transfer them later on  the other computer! And you will not need any type of cable!

  • Since you to transfer files from our Mac computer to another will not use any physical object (cables, USB sticks etc. ..) we need a wireless connection. So as a first step you’ll need to connect the two computers at the usual wireless network. If this is not possible  you can create one with your Macbook!
  • If your Mac select the airport icon at the top right, you’ll not only see what network logged in and select new networks to be connected, but you can create a new custom network: you can even choose a personal password in order to make the more secure transfers.
  • Finally, when the two computers are connected to the same wireless network can share files using shared folders. At which point you just have to open the finder macbook and drag the files to be sent in the public folder on the other computer, or ask them to send the files in your shared folder. It is, as you can see, a really quick as well as the secure method. You cannot give up use computers with different operating systems or do not collaborate with colleagues or classmates.
  • Follow these simple rules to the letter and send your information with absolute security. Thus you do not risk losing your data or damaging them; but, above all, do all your transfers in no time. If there are problems in the transfer altered the folder sharing settings, and the problem will be solved.