How to convert images to icons for Mac

With the icons, you can customize and make recognizable applications and files on your PC. The icons are very small for images, which can be applied to the above files or software to identify them more easily.

Whether it’s Windows or Mac, there are several predefined icons, but you can also create them by customizing, for example, photos or images that seem to the best suit the representation of our file. In the following guide, we will see, in particular, how to convert images to icons for Mac.

  • Let’s go to the image2icons and download the latest version of the program. Once installed, we open it and we will appear in front of a window in which we should drag the image we want to turn into an icon. The image can be of several formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG. It is advisable to use the PNG format because it keeps transparency, and the quality is higher (compared to the GIF, which always keeps transparency, but has a lower color quality and resolution).
  • Once we have chosen our image and dragged into the image2icon window, we can choose our option: we can choose by clicking on the ” Folder ” the destination folder where our file will be saved if we convert an icon to the image. If we click on ” icns “, our image will be converted to icon. We can also create icons for iPhone, but this requires the full version of the program; Finally, we can convert the image to favicon. That is the icon used on 16 x 16 pixel web sites.
  • Obtained our icon, we just have to apply it to the folder or file to which we want to replace it. How to do? Once our icon is generated, we go to the path where we saved it, click on it once and press Command + i or (in Finder). File > Get information. At this point, we will find the window with information on our icon, now copy the icon to the top left by selecting it and pressing Command + C, or Composition > Copy.
  • Now we always open the folder or file information window for which we want to change the icon, always select the icon on the top left and this time we will go to Command + V or Composition > Paste.
We have successfully replaced our icon!