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Dell, coming a Windows PC ” Pro ” similar to the Microsoft Surface Studio

The new product was inadvertently revealed in a video promo Adobe Max. Possess a secondary touch screen to be used as a tablet and a wheel to select commands just like the Surface Dial. Unknown yet the name.

The new Surface Studio presented a few days ago during the special event from Microsoft seems to not be the only Windows PCs All-in-One in the coming months we will see on the market. Unintentionally, it was also unveiled a new Dell product that resemble own at the Surface Study for many features and technical characteristics, but which in some way will also go over from a purely ” professional view ” .

Yes because the new Dell, from still unknown name, appears to be a Windows PC ” all in one ” just as the new Surface Study social Redmond but with the presence of a second touch display. Displays that will allow the use as if you were faced with a graphics tablet.

Very important size for this second component of Dell’s PC which can then be used to draw with a specific digital pen will make for freehand projects or specific professional software or even edit video using your fingers directly on the timeline.

Moreover, in the video, it is possible to observe, as for the Surface Study of Microsoft, also in this new Dell PC will present a very similar accessory for appearance and functionality to the Surface Dial.

That sort of selective wheel resting on the Surface Studio screen allows you to select different options depending on the software and running the project. Dell also has come up with an accessory like that and in the video looks very good as the professional use it to choose the program commands.

The mysterious Windows PC from Dell clearly has no official name, nor a code name, at least at the moment. In all probabilities the American company will present in the coming weeks or months may be at the next major international media event in Las Vegas: CES 2017 program in January.

Microsoft certainly seems to have opened the way for a new way of conceiving the PC ” All-In-One “, at least as that seen so far with the classic Apple iMac. After the Surface Studio could reach new Windows PC targeted at professional, graphics, designers as well as creative people to conquer a market share which now seemed to have been monopolized by the house of Cupertino with their products.