The first All-in-One with Remix OS is produced by AOC

The new All-in-One AOC can go unnoticed if it were not for his soul-based software on Remix OS operating system that continues to generate interest among users interested in exploring the desktop variation of the Android operating system.

Jide Technologies, the Remix OS development team, has just announced a new partnership with AOC that allowed to make the first All-in-One software platform based on trying to decline the Android operating system for desktop key.

The AiO was presented during the Asia CES 2016 and will be marketed this summer in China at a price yet to be confirmed. No known at the time of any projects aimed at expanding the distribution of the device in other markets.

An All-in-One based on a processor with ARM architecture with a significance that goes beyond the product itself: it translates in an effort to Jide Technolgy demonstrate Remix OS ability to adapt to any form-factor, transforming itself into the soul of software devices that can compete with the traditional PC, in certain usage scenarios.

Of course, Jide Technologies and AOC also pursue the most ” pragmatic ” purposes with a product that they intend to enterprise users in the Chinese market.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is a personal computer with limited processing power and is not even the first device based on Android to adopt the form factor typical of the All-in-One Windows and OS X. But the first declension AiO of Remix OS that expresses, at the time, the best work of adaptation of the Android operating system to a desktop workspace environment.

The main technical features of the All-in-One include:

  • SoC based on Amlogic processor 64-bit ARM Cortex A53, quad-core, 2GHz.
  • Display 24″ FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).
  • 2 GB of RAM and configurations with 16 or 64 GB of storage.
  • Two HDMI ports, Ethernet port and four USB ports.

The type of SoC mobile derivation has allowed to reduce the thickness which reaches 9.9 mm (excluding the base), it lacks the ability to connect keyboard and mouse to use the device as a real PC. Remix OS, as mentioned, is essentially based on Android, but the All-in-One by AOC will not natively be equipped with Google’s services for own dynamics of the Chinese market. Jide suggests installing alternative store, such as Amazon, although the flexible nature of Android should not prevent the side loading the Google store.

The new All-in-One adds the rising Remix OS catalog of products, which also includes the mini-PC Remix Mini and the tablet Remix Ultratablet. To test Remix OS, in any case, no need to buy one of the devices that use it natively, as developers offer the possibility to download the free operating system for desktop and (a handful of) tablet. More information).

Please note, for those unfamiliar Remix OS, which, starting from a base consisting of the Android operating system, the Jide Technologies developers have added features that simplify the interaction with the user interface by borrowing them from desktop operating systems: There is taskbar, a file manager, a work space reminiscent of the Windows desktop and OS X, a tracking system based on the traditional mouse; apps executables are solely those Android, but their management is simplified execution resizable windows.